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When Using

If using creams then use a liner to protect the nappy. If you are not sure about the use of the cream then please contact us for advice

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After Use

Dry pail the nappies in the wetbag provided or in a bucket (do not soak)

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Before Washing

Remove poo from nappy (once weaning has commenced, before weaning nappy can go straight into the wash as is)

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First Wash

15 or 30 minute quick wash cycle (removes and breaks up solids, loosens stains). No detergent needed

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Second Wash

Use your usual non-bio detergent. Start with the recommended dose of detergent (dose recommendations can normally be found on the side of the package) Do not use any fabric conditioner (coats fibres and prevents proper absorption)

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Second Wash

Wash at either 40 or 60 degrees (60 is recommended for babies under 3 months or when ill) using a full length cotton cycle. Do not use eco settings as these do not use enough water

Reduce the spin cycle down to under 1000rpm

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Second Wash

If there are any bubbles left after the final rinse you will need to rinse again until they are gone to prevent detergent build up

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Line dry (For faster drying, stand airer by the radiator set up a small fan blowing gently up the middle. This can cut drying time by more than half). If you have any stains, hang the nappy outside on a sunny day

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Final Wash

Before returning please wash nappies at 60

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  • Do I need to add anything to my wash to sanitise my nappies?
    Using just the detergent is fine to wash nappies, extra sanitiser is not needed. Do not use bicarb of soda, bleach, vinegar or nappisan as over time they can damage the PUL and elastic in the nappies. ​It is not necessary to wash nappies at a higher temperature than 60 and doing so could shorten the life of the nappies.
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  • My nappies are smelly what should I do?
    Cloth nappies should not smell while being worn. A night nappy may be a little smelly in the morning especially if baby is teething but it should not be overpowering. If you are getting smelly nappies, then you will need to check your wash routine. Make sure you are using the correct amount of powder for your drum size, wash load, and water hardness Make sure that the detergent is all rinsed out at the end of the wash, there should not be bubbles still in your wash To solve smelly nappies you will need to do a strip wash: In a clean washing machine, use a full dose of detergent in a 60 wash and then rinse until all bubbles have gone. If this does not solve the problem, soak the nappies in icy cold water for 24 hours and then repeat. Once nappies are stripped, you will need to ensure you are rinsing all the detergent out every time you wash to prevent the problem recurring, and if they then start to smell again you may need to switch detergents.
  • Can I tumble dry nappies?
    Line dry nappies where possible. It is more hygienic and better for the longevity of the nappies. If you must tumble dry them check that your nappies are safe to tumble before you do so and never tumble on hot. Do not dry bamboo on a radiator that is too hot to touch. This will damage the fibres and eventually they will start to fall out (this damage usually looks like a slug has been munching on your nappies and boosters!) It is best to use an airer near a radiator.
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