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COST: £30 + £25 refundable deposit

HIRE LENGTH: 4 weeks from when baby is born

Our newborn kits are designed to allow you to cloth from birth without the cost. 

Each kit has a combination of two parter, pocket, all in two nappies and some flats. The kits have about 30 nappies in them, enough to cloth full time. To request a kit please contact us on Facebook Messenger

An example kit contains:

4 x muslins

2 x cotton flats

2 x prefolds

2 x nappy nippas

1 x XS motherease airflow

1 x XS motherease Rikki

1 x seedling mini wrap

2 x thirsties wraps (1 popper, 1 velcro)

2 x little lamb fitted nappies size 1 

2 x Totsbots bamboozle size 1

2 x XS motherease sandys

6 x baba and boo pocket nappies + 7 spare boosters

6 x close pop in

4 x bare and boho (+ 2 spare inserts and 3 boosters) 

1 x bells bumz 

2 x size one applecheeks 

1 x seedling minifit pocket

4 x vest extenders

1 x small baba and boo wet bag

1 x large baba and boo wet bag

**This is an example list and your kit may contain different combinations and brands. If you want a particular brand then please make this known when requesting the kit

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