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COST: £15 + £25 refundable deposit

HIRE LENGTH: 2 weeks

These kits are designed to give you a taste of the different styles of nappies available and some of the more common brands

Each kit will have a mixture of all in ones, all in twos, pockets and two parters. The kits contain 12-15 nappies.

Click here to learn about the different brands of nappies and how to use them.

If you are interested in a particular brand then please let us know when you are requesting the kit and if we have the brand in stock then we can include it

An example kit contains:

2 x size 2 bamboozles

1 x bells bumz fitted 

1 x close pop in BTP wrap

1 x la petite ourse wrap

1 x M motherease airflow

1 x bells bumz all in two plus spare boosters

1 x Totsbots peenut wrap with two sets of pads

1 x little love bum quickdry

1 x blueberry simplex

2 x Totsbots easyfit star

1 x Totsbots easyfit V4 

1 x Bumgenius all in one

1 x bambooty all in one

1 x Fiyyah pokkit

2 x baba and boo pocket

1 x seedling multifit pocket

10 x cheeky wipes

1 x medium Fiyyah wet bag

1 x XL Fiyyah wetbag

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