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COST: £15 + £25 deposit


This kit has a selection of nappies that are suitable for overnight use.

It contains*:

1 x Easy night bambooty AIO M/L

1 x Bamboo little lamb size 2

1 x Ellas House bumhugger L

1 x bummis fitted nappy

2 x size 2 totsbots bamboozles

2 x motherease sandys

1 x bambinex fitted nappy

1 x TJs fitted nappy

1 x S motherease airflow

1 x M motherease airflow

1 x L motherease airflow

1 x L motherease Rikki

1 x petit lulu L pull up

1 x size 2 totsbots peenut wrap

1 x BTP close parent wrap

6 x unbranded boosters (likely hemp)

5 x fleece liners

*Please note that this is correct at the time of writing, some nappies may be swapped out. You will be given a list of exactly what is in the kit when you get the hire documents

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