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All in Ones - What are they

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Once you've decided to use cloth nappies, one of the things you need to consider is what type of nappy you want, in other words whether you want eg a pocket or an AIO etc (or a mix!). The benefit of hiring a kit from us is that you can try a variety and see what works for you.

We're going to do a series of posts looking at the different styles, starting with All-In-One (AIO) nappies.

All-in-one are basically as it sounds: the absorbant part and waterproof are attached, all in one piece.

This can be that the insert is attached as a tongue (like the Bambino Mio Solo, Modern Cloth Nappies Pearl, Blueberry Simplex, or Tots Bots Easyfit), or attached at both ends (like the Bear Bott AIO, Little Lovebum Quickdry and Everyday, or the Bumgenius Elementals), or something completely different like the Lighthouse Kids Company Signature bookfold, Thirsties two flaps attached at one end, or the Brainy Bums AIO snake insert.

These nappies often take the least amount of preparation time and there's no need to match up inserts and shells. These can often be slimmer nappies too, but may take longer to dry. There's also not as much flexibility with inserts/absorbancy (although usually room for boosting). They can often be more expensive too.

As with all cloth nappies, they each have their pros and cons and it's about finding what works best for you!

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