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What's in my BTP Kit?

Below is a description of some of the nappies you will find in your birth to potty kit. If you hae a nappy you want to know more about please contact us!

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Easy Fit

This is a microfiber nappy so is quick to dry and quite cheap but might not be absorbent enough. Getting leaks? Try adding one of the boosters from the little lamb. Only for use during the day



This is an all in two. The wrap can be reused as long as not soiled and the pads just replaced. The wrap can be used over a two parter nappy such as the bamboozle as well although we find it doesn't work as well as other brands for overnight use. The peenut system is only suitable for day use




This is a two parter. Perfect for night time. Got a little baby? Then remove the popin booster. Got a heavy wetter? Try adding an extra booster to the nappy so that it lasts over night. This would be perfect overnigth paired with an airflow wrap

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Little Lamb

Pocket Nappy

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This is a pocket nappy. It's fleece lined to keep baby's bum feeling dry and comes with two bamboo boosters. They are slimmer than some other pocket nappies such as the baba and boo and are also perfect to be added to other nappies to increase their absorbency. This nappy is only suitable for day use


Little Lovebum


Very absorbent all in one. Made with hemp and bamboo. A little cheaper than blueberry and bumgenius. Suitable for day use

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